Societal Rant 1

There are many things that provoke a moan from me. Reality television shows. Modern television shows in general. (Who thinks that having an overweight woman yell about the paternity of her child constitutes decent entertainment?) UGG boots *shudders*. Overpriced clothes from certain ‘trendy’ outfitters. But what infuriates me most is good ol’ twenty-first century society.… Read More Societal Rant 1

THEATRE REVIEW: An Inspector Calls

   NOTICE: CONTAINS SET SPOILERS Rule one of theatre-going is don’t make a sound. Don’t turn your phone on, don’t eat, don’t drink, don’t sneeze, don’t make ‘witty’ comments to your neighbour – don’t breathe unless it’s absolutely necessary. Otherwise you shall be faced with the wrath of myself, several frustrated English teachers and other… Read More THEATRE REVIEW: An Inspector Calls