Societal Rant 1

There are many things that provoke a moan from me. Reality television shows. Modern television shows in general. (Who thinks that having an overweight woman yell about the paternity of her child constitutes decent entertainment?) UGG boots *shudders*. Overpriced clothes from certain ‘trendy’ outfitters. But what infuriates me most is good ol’ twenty-first century society.

I was scrolling through my Instagram feed a few weeks ago – yes, this post has been long in the making – when I chanced upon a picture entitled ‘What most girls worry about’. I was intrigued; mainly because I’m a girl. And this was the list:

  • weight
  • hair
  • boobs
  • looks
  • make-up
  • him
  • clothes
  • why he didn’t text back
  • food

WOAH. WOAH. *breathes* The contrast between what ‘most’ girls worry about and what I worry about is more of a juxtaposition. I worry about whether Waterstones has got the book I want. I worry about my parents. I worry about missing trains. and my friends, and my grades, and if I’ve left my theatre tickets at home. And I’m worried about how superficial this generation is getting – if that list is indeed true.

Over half of that list is concerned with one’s exterior features. Is that not screaming something to you? Why is everyone so bothered about their appearance? A couple of years ago, I was hyper-critical about myself. Too fat, too tall, too ugly – I went through periods of cringing whenever I looked in a mirror. But now, after thinking ‘Screw you society’ and realising that my well-being was all that mattered, I’m perfectly fine with traipsing round looking like a slug. Seriously, what you look like should be the least of your worries. NO-ONE CARES. NO-ONE. Unless you’re a model, and even then it’s more about having the dimensions of a stick insect. NO-ONE CARES. Do whatever you want; but make sure that you do it for yourself. TO REPEAT: NO-ONE CARES.

And don’t worry about the elusive ‘him’ either. A lot of emphasis is placed on finding a boyfriend – in my opinion, too much. I’m a staunch believer that you will eventually find your ‘soulmate’, and if not, you’re looking too hard/in the wrong place/in the wrong person. You shall collide like two magical solar systems, and then your planets and constellations and meteors will combine to form one majestic being. Now that was poetic. Have a celebrity crush, for sure (hello Dan Croll, you adorable person you). Have a person-you-actually-physically-know crush. Have a crush on a fictional character (wink wink Mr Darcy). BUT IT’S NOT NECESSARY TO BE BETROTHED BY THE AGE OF SIXTEEN. You saw what happened to Romeo and Juliet. They both swore eternal love, and guess what happened? They died. Romeo was a prat anyway. So the moral of that Shakespearean romance/tragedy/guide to what not to do when in a relationship is don’t have one. (I’m kidding) …

So, teenage girls, I’m talking to you here. Do what you want. Don’t worry about your appearance because it doesn’t conform to society’s expectations. Do what you want because you want to do it. Don’t change yourself (unless it’s a bad aspect of your character) because someone doesn’t fancy you. Be your own person.

*whoo-s in a motivational manner*

I used to write a lot of these societal rants on my old blog, and I thought that some of you may be interested in my opinions. If you have any comments, then please voice them to me – I’m genuinely interested. And that was not meant to sound sarcastic.

Be you, y’all.



3 thoughts on “Societal Rant 1

  1. That list is absolutely disgusting! When I read it the first thought was WTF?!? I think the only thing that was on that list that I agree with is food, i love it and enjoy it in my tummy! I have to agree that the new generation is extremely shallow and so concerned with looks. I don’t understand what happened from the time I was a teen to now. I honestly think it has to do with social media. While it has it’s benefits, I think that list is proof of its faults. This is something that I often try to instill in my daughter. Even though she is only 5, a lot of her little friends are very superficial. It leaves me very baffled. I liked the post and wouldn’t mind at all seeing more of your rants! 🙂


    1. Wow – I didn’t know that children as young as five were being superficial… When I was that age the only thing that mattered about my appearance was whether I had paint in my hair! I agree with your opinion that social media has had a lot to do with it – personally I think that this obsession with social media could be the downfall of this generation. Thanks for getting in touch… I’m glad to hear that someone’s reading my rants!

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      1. Yea, it is very sad. I agree! Paint in my hair or loss of my barrettes was my biggest concern. I definitely agree about the obsession. I always limit how much my daughter can watch tv and her kiddy youtube videos. I don’t want her to grow up used to walking around with her face in her phone all day. No problem about the feedback 🙂


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