A Bibliophile’S Christmas Wishlist

The second of December. Twenty three sleeps until the big day. I wonder for how many of you that sentence produced a cold sweat? But I am a big Christmas fan – although throughout the rest of the year the Grinch is my spirit animal, when it comes to the Yuletide season my sleigh bells are set all a-jangle. This list comes as a really, really subtle hint to Santa that I would really, really appreciate something literary. And I would really, really not appreciate a lolly that’s physically unable to fit in anyone’s mouth. Last year this resulted in lock jaw. Not a cool look by anyone’s standards.

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley (the super cute edition) £14.99


Frankenstein - Penguin Clothbound Classics (Hardback)
Photo credits to Waterstones

I actually loved Frankenstein – probably because I spent so long studying it last year. But that downside of studying a book (and lugging it around in a school bag) is the sheer amount of highlighting/annotating/crying that you do over the text itself. My current edition is ruined – and by ruined, I mean is multi-coloured, is a weird shape because my drink leaked in my bag, and has lots of notes relating to peripeteia and agnorisis. I love this edition because of the colour scheme, the cover, and the fact THAT IT IS A HARDBACK AND VIRTUALLY INDESTRUCTIBLE.




Edgar Allan Poe Socks
Photo credits to The Literary Gift Company
I cannot even begin to fathom how incredible these socks are. They are beautiful, beautiful articles of clothing. I want this print on a dress, tights, coat – EVERYTHING. Beautiful. You’ll be wearing Edgar Allan Poe on your feet. What’s not to love?




I Heart Darcy Tote Bag £10.99


I Love Darcy Canvas Tote Bag
Photo creds to The Literary Gift Company
This is fantastic – y’all know about my undying love for Mr Darcy (especially if he has a passing resemblance to Colin Firth), and as well as proclaiming it to the world on here, I think I should just scream it out to the remainder of society as well. If only it had a picture of Colin Firth’s face on it. If that were the case, I’d buy twenty and sew them in to a dress.


Penguin Notebook £8.99


Penguin Notebook - Old Junk
Photo creds to The Literary Gift Company
Again, y’all know about my penchant for decent stationery. AND THIS IS AWESOME! ‘Old Junk’ is the perfect description for whatever goes on in my cranium, and I adore the oldy-worldy Penguin book design. I’ve also seen a similar design on a tote bag in Waterstones that I’d love to get my hands on. And the colour of the pages are just right <3.



That’s all for today folks. I’ve just sacrificed my Physics and Spanish revision for this post, so you better have enjoyed it. *threatening glare directed at you*


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