Merry Christmas blogosphere! I am absolutely buzzing right now (I put it down to eating chocolate for breakfast… Bad move…) and I just wanted to share some Christmassy thoughts with y’all.

I’ve had a very literary influenced Christmas. I’ve had book tokens, a cracking bumper collection of Dickens’ novels, and *mounting excitement* Shakespearean insult plasters. Picture this: someone’s sliced their finger open, I whip out a plaster emblazoned with ‘Do thou amend they face, and I’ll amend my life’ with a flourish, and show how witty and cutting I can be with my grasp of Shakespeare. (GET IT? CUTTING?) My family have finally realised that, however much they beg to differ, I physically cannot fit ‘super-bumper-giant’ sized confectionery into my mouth, and so this year have refrained from buying me the world’s largest gob-stoppers. Not a good look for a photo that’s sent to relatives along with next year’s Christmas cards.

I’m so thankful. (for a start, because this year I haven’t been given a treasure hunt in torrential rain) I’m not going to get soppy, but I just wanted to thank all of you, my fabulous readers, for all the likes, comments, and even bothering to read this. Some of you will comment on anything I post (BIG BIG THANKS – you know who you are!), and whenever I see that someone actually wants to interact with me I get so happy. I’m awful at talking to people, so starting this has helped me so much with my confidence. And my puns.

Wrapping it up folks (HA! It’s Christmas!), I’ll just say THANK Y’ALL FOR YOUR APPRECIATION AND HAVE A FABULOUS CHRISTMAS! *waves tinsel*

X X Izzy


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