BOOK OF JOY 2: Ocean


In my previous ‘Book of Joy’ post, I revealed that I’m a dinosaur fanatic. But an even bigger obsession of mine – that has rapidly escalated over the past few months, up until the point when I binge-search second-hand tanks for sale – is fish. I’m now at the point that, whenever I see a large mason jar, all I think is shrimp-tank-aquascape-ooh-how-about-I-just-buy-another-tank. And when I’m not practically shadowing the workers at my local fish store, or drooling over half-moon bettas, or pestering my parents for another tank, I’m reading about fish. Hence why this visual dictionary brought so much… Joy.

Bought for a fiver, Ocean  – The Definitive Visual Guide is a magnificent collection of fact-files and photographs (think National Geographic quality), spanning a variety of ocean creatures (including many of my deep-sea favourites), as well as information about waves, coral AND ANYTHING YOU WANT TO KNOW ABOUT THE OCEAN. EVER. And it’s not just about tropical reef-type oceans; there’s detail on colder waters. AND PENGUINS.

Not quite a sit-down-and-read-from-cover-to-cover type book, this is  a great one  to dip in to when the adverts come on. I’d also recommend it for families who want to evoke a love of marine life in kids… Or anyone like me, who has a ‘bit of a thing’ for aquariums, and wants to learn more about this wonderful water world. From the reproduction of hag fish, to the different types of submersibles used to investigate the deep ocean, I’m pretty darned sure that there’ll be something that will interest you.

And to let y’all know, I’ve chosen this as my book of joy because, for me, fish = joy. Simple as that.


I bought my copy of Ocean – The Definitive Visual Guide (published by DK) from WH Smith for £5.


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