2016 Goals

It’s the final day of 2015, and my excitement cannot be contained. Albeit, most of this excitement stems from the looming Sherlock special – who doesn’t love a bit of Benedict Cumberbatch to spice up your evening – and the fact that I’ll be sixteen in a few weeks. Sixteen! And I still can’t cook.

When I was younger, I frequently imagined myself at the age of sixteen. Tall, blonde (I don’t even know how that would work, I’m naturally dark), with a string of suitors and with 20-20 vision. Instead, I’m tall, dark, single (bar a fantasy relationship with Mr Darcy) and haven’t seen my own features without glasses for seven years. I seriously thought that I would be one of the ‘cool kids’. Alas, that was not to be.

My goals have changed since then – thank God, otherwise I would now be a hoarder of soft toys and Barbie dolls – and look! A list! Welcome to my goals for 2k16, blogging and writing-wise.

Stick to a freakin’ schedule. As you may have noticed, my posts are somewhat erratic, with my thought process behind them being ‘I really don’t want to do any homework; I’ll write a post instead’. Believe it or now, I actually love blogging – but I don’t love the backlog of school work that I trail behind me. Cry.

FINISH POSTS. DON’T GO ‘Nah, I’ll finish it tomorrow’, BECAUSE YOU WON’T FINISH THEM EVER. I’m so guilty of just abandoning posts because I get bored/hungry/distracted, and then I won’t end up posting for yonks. Not good.

STOP WITTERING. By nature, I am a burbler – as kindly described by one of my friends, I ‘word fart’ and hope that something legible comes out. And there you have it; my writing style. Word farter.

DON’T GIVE UP. I have so many unfinished scripts and novels, and the only thing that’s stopped me from completing them is myself. Oh, and school, but I don’t think that the excuse of ‘Sorry sir, I stayed up all night working on my novel so I couldn’t write that essay – I’ll give you a signed copy?’ will do it.

So that’s all folks – do you have any blogging/writing goals? If so, I’d love to hear them… And happy New Year!


2 thoughts on “2016 Goals

  1. Happy New year you too Izzy! I love this post! Hopefully, I should try and stick to my resolutions as well. I’ve started a new blogging site. It’s called gleamineye.wordpress.com and I wish to post about lifestyle, fashion and books 🙂 .


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