RANT: Social Media

The superficiality of modern life riles me up. Perhaps not modern life as most of you see it; but as a teenager in the 21st Century, when all of my peers spend their free time gazing with glazed eyes at a celebrity’s Snapchat, I can verify that social media is at the forefront of some people’s priorities.

From parties where every photo taken was approved (or not) by the group before it was put up on Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat, to my daily commute surrounded by peers with eyes glued to social media platforms, it’s apparent to me (basically a sixty year-old trapped in a teenager’s body) that this obsession with one’s online image is spiralling out of control. No longer are photos taken to capture the moment; instead, they’re used as a subtle sign to others about how much fun you’re having and how attractive you and your friends are.  Bottles of alcohol, carefully edited pictures of friends (filter compulsory), grainy videos with strobe lighting and dance music blaring. These are the signs of a ‘popular’ teenager, who is determined to have fun, and let others around them know exactly that.

But what happens when all these teenagers grow up? When they’re in their thirties, will they take photos of Prosecco, post them on Facebook with a nonchalantly witty caption? The determination to present a perfect online profile will, I fear, become the nemesis of this generation. Everyone I know cares – scratch that, obsesses – over their Instagram feeds and their selfies and everything else that could possibly appear on a social media platform to an extent that, if someone takes an unflattering photo, it either has to be edited to high heaven or simply deleted.  Like that person never did said unflattering expression. Like that moment never happened.

Isn’t the point of social media to remember all of the memories? Not deleting them because they don’t fit with one’s feed, or they’re not the expectations of a society that has, somehow, bred children to think that it’s perfectly okay to focus on a piece of plastic in front of them and simply absorb what the Internet is saying.  Because that’s what’s happening. Very few of my peers are actually creating things outside of school; and I’m worried that it’s the rise of social media that’s suppressing some of this creativity. And crushing people’s self-esteem.

*********************************************************************** I actually deleted my social media apps today, because I’m getting really annoyed at how fake people are getting on there. I’d rather know a handful of real people, than have five hundred Facebook friends who I never talk to anyway.

Expect to see a lot more of these rants, because I need to practice somewhere – I have an English CA coming up that’s very similar, as well as a column in the school magazine (FOR WHICH I WAS UP UNTIL 12 DESIGNING). Both of which give me the opportunity to moan about things.


5 thoughts on “RANT: Social Media

  1. Well said! I Totally agree.As Stephen Hawking says “Remember to look up at stars and not down at your feet.Try to make sense of what you see and wonder about what makes the universe exist.Be curious…” It doesn’t have to relate to science but life in general☺ .I honestly thought I was the only one who thought this (besides my friends). It’s sad to see people glued on their phones in restaurants, cafes , gyms etc instead of socialising. What a weird time to be alive.

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    1. It certainly is a weird time to be alive – I feel all this technology is giving people a kind of complacency, and no-one is being as curious anymore (or certainly not in this teenage generation!). Thanks for your comment! 🙂

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  2. That’s exactly why I hardly visit my social media accounts and hang out in WordPress. Here, everyone’s got a life and opinions and thoughts, like you, and the WordPress community is far better to scroll and read than other social media. Love your post! 😀

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    1. Thank you so much! I agree totally with you – I feel like so many Instagram and Facebook accounts etc are so fake nowadays, but here on WordPress everyone just writes whatever they want without giving a jolt about what others think. I can pour my heart out so much more easily on this blog!

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