Dragon’s Loyalty Award

I was nominated for this by A.R. Writer, and this nomination actually made my day. I’ve had a hectic week (my advice is that if someone asks you to design an entire magazine in two days, say no), so it’s not until now that I have the opportunity to accept it, and nominate others.

These are the rules:

  • Display the award certificate on your blog (I’ve made mine the featured image on this post)
  • Nominate seven deserving bloggers, and send them a comment to let them know about their nomination
  • Announce your win with a blog post and link back to whoever nominated you (many, many thanks A.R. Writer !)
  • Write seven interesting things about yourself

So here are the people to whom I’d like to present this award to:

My Beloved Little Books

Hard Book Habit

The Diary of Giosue



Gleam in Eye

A Little Bird Tweets

I love all of your blogs, and I wanted to thank all of you guys for the comments and likes on my blog. *cyber hugs*

And here are the seven facts about me:

  • My blood is probably 50% caffeine right now, because I’ve spent the last couple of nights desperately trying to finish a design for the school magazine. And now trying to remove humorous pictures of cats before I present it to the headmaster.
  • I’m also desperately trying to finish art coursework. By Monday. I shouldn’t be blogging, I should be wafting paintbrushes around.
  • I have a really dark, inappropriate sense of humour.
  • I hate the Daily Mail. As in ‘throw this publication into the glowing pits of Hell’ hate.
  • I decided to write political satire for my latest English controlled assessment. Quite possibly the worst decision I’ve ever made, as it’s highly likely that I’ll get a D and be referred for psychological help.
  • I’m half Thai, which means that I can tolerate large amounts of chillies and get irritated when people say I’m Japanese.
  • I have no money (or clothes) because I buy too many books and see a theatre production every other month.

I’m super-duper interested in reading about y’all, and once again thanks for all your fabulous support!



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