Urban Outfitters *growls*

I like my fashion. I like sparkles and haute couture and Dolce and Gabbana’s rose motif and Gucci’s embroidered bumblebees on their menswear. I would sell my own grandmother (not that I have one) for a piece from the Viktor and Rolf wearable art haute couture collection. But I would not – repeat not – sell anything for a piece of fishing net that barely covers my midriff, or a pair of jeans that have intentional holes in them, or any other garment from a certain hipster/indie/alternative outfitter that specialises in masquerading new garments as ‘upcycled’, or charging ridiculous amounts of money for a slip that can supposedly be used for daywear.

The fashion industry is supposed to be the epitome of creativity, of expressing oneself through clothing and style and beauty. Remember kids, you don’t have to be beautiful to be stylish. Also remember that there is a difference between style and fashion. Style is timeless and effortless; whereas fashion is having enough money to buy this season’s particular ‘must-haves’. Urban Outfitters is the epitome of the latter; if you have the money to buy a Calvin Klein crop top that’s the same price as a box in the theatre, then that’s fashion. That’s not style. I’d look as fashionable as a slug in a tutu in a crop top – I have no boobs, no butt, and a stomach that blocks the view of my feet if I eat too much. However, I think that I have a knack for style; I was once told while being an impromptu parking marshal that ‘there wouldn’t be anyone else who could wear a high-vis vest with flair’. That is style. Urban Outfitters is not style. Urban Outfitters is a corporation’s relentless quest to be ‘trendy’ and ‘quirky’ and to charge as much money as possible while trying to insult as many people as possible.

I used to love that store – until I ran out of money. Now I love charity shops, and have bought things that actually support a good cause, while still looking fabulous. *hair flick*

I don’t want to support a store that only stocks normcore. I want to wear colourful things that reflect my personality, and I want to spend my money on theatre tickets instead of socks with marijuana emblazoned on them. Theatre will teach me things, whereas a plain grey sweater costing £40 will only remind me of how much I hate spending money.


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