QOTD: On Shakespeare

(I have just picked up Romeo and Juliet from the library – all set for my Shakespeare challenge – and I’m confronted by someone as I walk into my form room.)

SOMEONE: What’s that?
ME: What?
SOMEONE: The book you’re holding.
ME: Romeo and Juliet.
SOMEONE: Why the hell are you reading that?
ME: Because I want to.
SOMEONE: lol @ u ur so sad wut a nerd
ME: *internally screaming* AT LEAST I CAN READ YOU MORON

And that someone wants to be an actor when they’re older. Sigh. What is the world coming to?


4 thoughts on “QOTD: On Shakespeare

  1. I think that it is less what the world is coming to and more what it has already come to. I write, and the other day someone may have disturbed me and started mocking the fact that ‘omg you like actually like enjoy like writing’. I said I would put them in my book and have them brutally murdered, possibly in a supremely Shakespearian manner, and said person said: ‘he was that guy with the books right?’ Said person also wants to be an actor.

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  2. I would say nice, but that really wasn’t. I think there would also probably be some form of trouble with the police and concerned members of the public. True lovers of Shakespeare are hard to come by, especially those who would be willing to do something like that!

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