How to: Not Screw Your Life Up

Oh, yes. Back at it again with the feelings of oh-bugger-I-really-shouldn’t-have-done-that. As a matter of fact, most of my waking hours are filled with such feelings of regret/remorse/outright panic, so I guess I should be used to it by now. Alas, I’m not. Which is why I’m sat in bed curled up like a sushi roll, wishing that I was a sushi roll.

So here is my list of ways to not screw your life up – or, basically, how not to end up like me. If you want to end up a hermit, then that’s fine, but trust me, the lonely life of a hermit is not necessarily a pleasant one. Never believe that Tumblr bull about going to live in a log cabin in the mountains. Which leads me on to…

  • Never believe what Tumblr says. All those aesthetically pleasing pictures? No. Ditto the blogs that are basically fancier versions of Pinterest. There’s the hipster side of Tumblr, and the meme side. Stay away from the hipsters, because they’ll draw you in with their Kanken bags and ripped denim and you’ll never see the light of day again.
  • Don’t think that leaving work (be that writing, or homework, or revision *screams*) to the last minute will ever be a good idea. When faced with binge-watching 1960s Michael Caine spy movies, or doing coursework, always choose the latter. The Ipcress File can always wait.
  • SLEEP. I’m tired, so I’m angry.
  • EAT. I’m hungry, so I’m hangry.
  • DRINK WATER. I’m not thirsty.
  • Don’t spend ridiculous amounts of money on things that you don’t actually need. I don’t need the Oresteian Trilogy (yet), but I do need revision guides and flashcards and highlighters and ringbinders… All of which were conveniently forgotten in the face of Waterstones and coffee.
  • Be happy. I of all people know how hard this can be, but sometimes y’all have to step back and look at the tiny things. Stop panicking (STOP PANICKING) about exams, and notice the fact that the days are getting longer and that the trees are green and perty.
  • Make SENSIBLE choices. Actually think before volunteering for things – a lesson that I really should have learned, but I’m a natural eager beaver.

I’m tired now, and this list has just turned into a collection of things that I regret doing (or not). Uh I’m so done with life and the way my brain works and uh school and uh choices and uh *alternately groans and cries*


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