International Day of Happiness – A List

‘How to be Happy’ – sounds like one of those cheesy teenage novels, where the protagonist falls hopelessly in love with the bad boy, they break up after a whirlwind romance, he apologises profusely, then they get married and make babies. Alas, that’s not what I’m on about this time. For a start, I don’t have any babies, and my ‘bad boy’ is either fictional, a celebrity, dead, or not even a bad boy. However, having spent a great deal of the past few months decidedly unhappy, I do know what makes me happy. And what works for me, may as well work for you…

HOW TO BE HAPPY *sparkles*

  • BOOKS AND CATS. BOOKS AND COFFEE. BOOKS AND BOOKS. As a book blogger – and therefore a bibliophile – the way to my heart (take note, future husband) is through a signed first edition and a bumper stationery set. So spoil yourself. But don’t do as I, who after a very successful book spree, broke the handles on my bag whilst running for a train, sending tomes crashing to the ground. And I still missed the bloody train.
  • Get out of toxic friendships, and find people who make you sparkle. I’ve been talking to someone a lot recently, and everything he says just makes me smile. Find someone like that, who can make the sun shine.
  • Read tragedies. After all, you’re not the poor soul who watches their beautiful daughter get sacrificed, and then murders their f*ckwit of a husband, and thus the household falls under a bloody curse. (Any Clytemnestra sympathisers  out there?) Stop whining about exams in two months, and be grateful that you’re not in the House of Atreus.
  • Stop whining, period. Announcing the perils of your life to all and sundry won’t make said troubles go away – the only thing that will come out of that is an increased hatred of you by your peers. If you haven’t attempted to find solutions, they’re obviously not problems, so shush.
  • Watch the Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now music video. Morrissey has a tree hanging out of his back pocket, and the quiff is the hair equivalent of the Shard. Fabulous 1 – Misery 0.
  • Take care of yourself. Curl up in bed with your favourite book/person/animal/film, and surrender to feelings of unadulterated bliss. Let go of sadness, and relish the fact that for the next hour, it’s all about sex baby let’s talk about you and me you.
  • SLEEP. I’m knackered.

What makes you happy? For me, it’s books, theatre, opera, coffee and Hot Dudes Reading on Instagram – but what about you? Let me know in the comments!



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