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I’m lying in bed, bitterly cursing whoever decided to pass on this bloody cold to me, and bitterly regretting the fact that I don’t have the energy to revise. But when do I ever have the energy to revise? I barely had the motivation to wander down to the kitchen and make myself a coffee, so the chance of willingly teaching myself the entirety of Unit One Chemistry is somewhere around nil. And don’t get me started on Computer Science… Do I sound stressed to you?

So rather than contributing to something that will influence my future pretty heavily, I’m sat in bed reading, typing, and trying to figure out if I have enough money to go to the theatre this week. There’s a cracker of a play on at the Ustinov, and I’m trying to work out if a) I’ll be well enough by Thursday to see it, or b) if I’ll be released early from English Lit revision. ‘Yes Sir, I know that my GCSE grade will influence my A Level predicted grade, but in all honesty, how necessary is it for me to know about isolation in Of Mice and Men?’

I don’t know what this post is turning into. I’m going to go and start revising now, before I say something that I really regret.


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  1. Revision is difficult. I’ve just spent this morning trying to write out a revision timetable, and feeling abject horror at the fact that I can fit nearly all of my subject in one day if I try hard enough. I’m thinking of expanding my relaxation time to three hours so that I can put off philosophy.

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