What is success?

I see so many of these ‘art girl’ accounts on social media, usually featuring the 1975, flowers, and white Adidas sneakers. These people seem so successful. Like they have their lives together, while I’m sat in my kitchen wearing a slanket (a blanket! with sleeves!) and eating spoonfuls of condensed milk from the tin. I’m… Read More What is success?

Exams and Mess

I am a nightmare. To the outside world, it may seem that I have reached the pinnacle of order and control. You need paracetamol? I’m your woman. Plasters? Tissues? I’m the teenage version of Mary Poppins. Alas, that image ends there. In fact, I’m the messiest person you’ll ever have the good fortune to meet.… Read More Exams and Mess

Teenage Clones

I’m on the train, and never before have I been so intimidated. Jesus Christ, I hope that they can’t tell that I’m writing about them. They’d probably batter me death with their Adidas trainers, slice me into small parts with their fake nails and hide my body in one of their brown leather handbags. Lord,… Read More Teenage Clones