On the Olivier Awards 2016

I stayed up until midnight last night – for me, the ultimate sacrifice, because a) I never go to bed later than ten because I’m a hermit, and b) because I got up at six anyway. Sigh. And because our WiFi speed is less than 1 Mbps (the joys of living in the middle of bloody nowhere), it meant that the live broadcast buffered, and I missed what I stayed up most of the night for. Sigh. Again. And we only have decaff coffee. Sigh.

But the Olivier Awards were pretty good – albeit, expectedly good. Judi Dench won Best Supporting Actress. Rob Icke won Best Director for Oresteia, which means that I’m owed money by several family members. Denise Gough won Best Actress for People, Places and Things, but I think that there would have been a minor riot if she didn’t. Mark Gatiss won Best Supporting Actor. You can read about the winners everywhere. Mildly more entertaining than reading that list, here are some of the caffeine-laden thoughts that I had last night while I was watching the ceremony. (Not in chronological order, because I typed/scribbled as fast as I could. Including on my English homework.)

Uhhh everyone looks so amazing cry 😦 and why are all the men so flaming hot??? Only Denise Gough could pull off orange. I’d look like a Wotsit that was about to audition for a part in TOWIE.

AHH Mark Gatiss you are an actual sweetheart! So deserved that BUT NOW WE WANT SHERLOCK S4

*cue ad break* I’m not staying up to watch someone try to flog me a car when I can’t even drive. I’m sorry, but no. I’m going to have a nap.

YES YES YES KENNETH CRANHAM YES GO BATH USTINOV STUDIO THIS PRODUCTION WAS FABULOUS I WANT TO CRY!! Oh god I didn’t mean that you should start crying. Please don’t tear up, because that means that I’ll start weeping. My laptop keyboard’s filthy enough as it is.

YES DENISE GOUGH YOU ARE AN ABSOLUTE ANGEL!!!!!! To be honest, I totally expected this one. (Although People Places and Things should have won Best New Play as well, in my humble opinion) uh what a babe. Permanently my woman crush Wednesday, that’s for sure. ❤

Why did this broadcast skip over lighting and set design? I actually care about the set, so it would have been nicer to see the run-up, rather than just a little name on the screen. I’m personally saying that Oresteia or Hamlet should have won for the set, but meh.

I physically can’t tell if the people in the Bugsy Malone thing are male or female. I need another eye test.

Oooh and talking of eye test, Rob Icke’s got new glasses. WHOO Best Director coming up, he’s got to win this one. No-one else can touch him. AND YES HE’S DONE IT! That’s got me ten quid. Cheers!

Why is there so little recognition for regional theatre? The Father originated at the Ustinov, so ??? The focus needs to shift from London.

Etcetera, etcetera. The rest of my notes comprised of spilt coffee, supreme fangirling (which is intensely embarrassing, so there’s no chance of me sharing) and me whispering ‘f*ck me gently* as the camera zooms in on yet another attractive theatrical person.

I’m babbling. I apologise.

Did you watch the Oliviers? Have you seen any of the productions that won?


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