Exams and Mess

I am a nightmare. To the outside world, it may seem that I have reached the pinnacle of order and control. You need paracetamol? I’m your woman. Plasters? Tissues? I’m the teenage version of Mary Poppins.

Alas, that image ends there. In fact, I’m the messiest person you’ll ever have the good fortune to meet. Not unclean, but just with the subconscious desire to fill any available floor space with books/files/pens. Which – looking around the floor of my study – is exactly what I’ve spent the past two weeks doing. GCSEs are looming menacingly, and so I’m spending every moment glued to this desk. 19 exams! And an alarmingly short period of time in which to revise for them. But rather than panicking about them, I’ve taken to blogging my woes away. So have a little piece about my desk.

Of all the things that I should be writing about – like the Cold War, or Of Mice and Men – I’m writing about a bloody desk. Procrastination at its finest.

As you can see, I am untidy. Apart from my bookshelf, which lovingly holds my meagre collection of poetry and dramatic texts. Meant to lure me away from social media during my revision breaks, I’m happy enough to say that it’s worked. Rather than mindlessly scrolling through Instagram, I’m leafing through Hardy and Keats and Blake, feeling terribly sophisticated. But also terribly guilty, because I never have the will power to say that enough reading is enough. Two hours later, I’ll be panicking because I still haven’t started Chemistry.


I also like to stick things to walls (good revision tip, that). I’ve got an extract from Plath’s The Bell Jar, William Morris postcards, revision material, and pictures of my role models. Which in theory should motivate me to get off my laptop and work. In theory. I also like to stick theatre adverts up, for productions that I’ve seen, and ones which I have no hope in hell of seeing. Like Ivo van Hove’s Kings of War, which as sod’s law would have, falls bang in the middle of exam season. At least I’m seeing Richard III AND 1984 (again!).

I’m genuinely looking forward to exams though. That’s because I know that, after June, Β I will never have to sit through another maths or science lesson. Praise be! I’m not going to have any fingers left (can I have a hell yeah for taking all essay subjects), but I do have nine glorious weeks of summer holiday. So I’m working my socks off. Well, I’m about to, anyway.

Good luck to all of youse with exams looming. I’m rooting for you!



28 thoughts on “Exams and Mess

  1. A bit of luck would certainly be useful! I have a similar problem. My mum has ‘gifted’ me a desk in the front room so that I’m not distracted, and in the past month it has got about a foot higher, because I just keep piling more paper onto it. And my kindle keeps mysteriously finding its way downstairs.

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  2. I totally know what you’re going through! I took 13 GCSEs and had a ridiculous amount of exams. The stress! But everything worked out fine and I’m sure it will for you too πŸ™‚ Best of luck Izzy!

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      1. Oh haha you’re welcome…that was the case when I was taking down stuff stuck to the wall :/ *fingers crosses your walls survived*

        p.s you blog name is awesome; I love the inking bit in particular πŸ˜€

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      2. Aw thank you! The ‘inking’ bit came from the fact that I hand-write a lot of stuff, and ‘thinking’ because I have loads of different opinions that I spend too much time thinking about!

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