Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover: Pocket Penguins!

Tip one for buying books: don’t. Tip two: don’t buy a book simply because it matches your jacket. I still have the thigh-high TBR pile, which has grown over the past couple of days because I’ve just bought some more books. Sigh. And I wonder where all my money goes.

I’ve been looking forward to the release of these Pocket Penguins ever since they were announced, mainly because they’re tantalisingly affordable (kerching!) and very, very pretty (kerching kerching!). Starting at £5.99 per volume, they’re reminiscent of the classic orange Penguin covers, and have a variety of titles from Kafka’s Metamorphosis (and other stories) to Mrs Dalloway and The Master and Margarita. And! Are! Beautiful!

So far, I’ve only bought Kafka and The House of Ulloa by Emilia Bazan, but I’m planning on building a bumper collection. I bought Kafka because, well, it’s Kafka and I’m going through a ‘phase’ right now, and The House of Ulloa because *blushes* it matches my coat. Sod that ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ drivel .Don’t judge me either – books can be fashion accessories. I should know, I’m embroidering my ‘book jacket’ (PUN); a vintage denim jacket with book quotes and patches. I now have a significant number of yellow books as well, a yellow coat, a yellow leavers’ hoodie, and I’m tempted to rock yellow hair this summer. It’s my happy colour. And also means that I’m very useful as a human beacon.

These two have rocketed to the top of the literary Jenga, mainly because they’re so aesthetically pleasing. I’ve still got the His Dark Materials trilogy to trundle through again (after charity shop and car boot trawls, I’ve finally got the entire series, at a fraction of the original price), and that damned Lermonotov (if I haven’t lost it), so it’ll take me a while to read them. This time next month I’ll have finished school, and that means lots more time for reading… Hang in there folks!


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