My Top Five Book Buzzwords

The inspiration behind this is this post from Always Opinionated Girl, and as I’m stuck in a general life rut (anyone want to sit a Computer Science exam for me on Wednesday?), I thought that I’d give this a go! These are the five words, when seen on a book cover, will leave me with lots of Waterstones points, but not enough money for lunch. Us bibliophiles do suffer…


If I see anything being compared to Murakami, then the swooshing sound accompanying me is my money flying out of my purse. I love his work, and I love finding new authors that have that same, fantasy/weird-ass/gripping feel that his novels have. If anyone can recommend any other Japanese authors, then please comment below!


I am a sucker for a dystopian classic. Note: classic. Classic! In previous years, I read way too much shitty young-adult ‘girl born in adverse circumstances manages to topple totalitarian government, find love and rescue an orphanage’, and I’m sick to death of it now. Ever since the Hunger Games became such a hit, there have been countless spin-offs, but mostly they’ve never taught me anything about society, or made me cry, or made me do anything but want to burn them. I love the older dystopian novels, namely because these all the plots are different, and actually make me feel something. Take the ending of Huxley’s Brave New World. I cried at that – gut-wrenching sobs for the sheer tragedy and destructive nature of humanity. I cried again when listening to BBC Radio 4’s adaptation of it. I cried at 1984 (multiple times). I cried at Zamyatin’s We. Alas, I haven’t cried at any recent dystopian novel, bar Rue’s death in the Hunger Games.


Yeah. This is a big one. I’m lucky that I live near a brilliant second-hand store (shout-out to the Oxfam books and music store in Bath), with a seemingly endless supply of classic novels, at very good prices. Sadly, I don’t have endless shelf space, and if I pile any more books on my floor I’ll end up with a broken neck and a broken ceiling. Still, classics are very much my thing.


I’m attempting to build up my collection of Ancient Greek texts for the cheapest possible price, hence why it’s taking so long. And hence why I snap up any specimen as soon as I see it. If I see an unpronounceable Greek philosopher’s name on the front (even if I have no hope in hell of knowing who they are), I’ll buy it anyway.


My sense of humour is dark, at best. Seething mass from the depths of hell at worst. I love satire, because reading satirical novels is the same as reading my mind. Anything that criticises society in an amusing way appeals to me. As does anything with ‘dark humour’ or ‘you won’t understand this comedy unless you’re the spawn of Satan’.


Does this post count as English Language revision? My exam’s tomorrow, and seeing as the task might be ‘write a blog post’ (if it is, I’ll start crying, because I’ll write it as how I write, not as how AQA expects me to write), I did this. I’m also binge-reading The Guardian and binge-listening to Hamilton and Radio 4, because why the hell not?


8 thoughts on “My Top Five Book Buzzwords

  1. I buy books which have reviews likening them to Sherlock Holmes, then I cry when I realise the mystery is awful and the author’s gone and plunked in a love interest because apparently mysteries don’t sell any more. Life is difficult.

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