Dear Livi 09/06/2016

Dear Livi,

RE: English Language exam. Let’s not talk about it. I managed to write in the completely wrong register, as well as insult a large portion of the population. I just hope that my examiner isn’t fat. I’m dreading results day.

RE: Bookshelves and TBR piles. Brilliant! Soon you’ll view book-rearranging as an exciting way to spend a Saturday night, and will explore various ways of displaying them. I’ve gone through publishers, colours, genres and age. I currently have different shelves for poetry, play-texts, crime, Penguin classics, children’s literature, women’s fiction and general classics.

RE: Tidying my room. My mum decided to hoover it yesterday, and she moved everything so I can’t find anything. She also told me to tell you that I bought a dress (!) yesterday. It’s a pink suede-y pinafore that I picked up for a fiver, and I thought you’d be proud.

I didn’t revise for the maths today, because I figured spending three hours watching Edgar get topless in King Lear would be a better use of my time. And it was. I spent six quid on standby seats, then got moved to the stalls and had a marvellous view of Edgar’s six pack *whispers* and bulge. A very good production indeed. I would go all theatre-aficionado on you,  but you’d get bored and hit me with something. Despite the fact that we’re sixty miles apart.

Talking of theatre, guess who’s seeing Matt Smith in Unreachable at the Royal Court! *smirks* I’ve also become complete, utter Hamiltrash, and have converted two of my friends in the process. I couldn’t get Lafayette’s rap in Guns and Ships out of my head for the latter half of the maths exam today, which was painful because I couldn’t concentrate on anything else. I always listen to Wait For It in the shower, because it gets me really pumped.

I’m also going to start volunteering at an art museum – my induction’s this Sunday – and the dress code is ‘smart casual’. Smart casual?! I don’t even know what ‘smart’ is. Help?

I hope you’re studying – actually, I know you are – because I’ll need someone to look after me once I fail all my GCSEs. Get some sleep, send my love to the family and the dogs, and for God’s sake eat something that’ll add inches to your waistline. Good luck in the rest of your exams, stripper.

With much love, Izzy x x x


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