Writing Prompts?

Right, blogosphere. I’m at a bit of a loose end, what with the culmination of exams, but I’m in a bit of a writing rut – and this is where I need your help. I want – NEED – y’all to comment writing prompts, first lines, words, whatever, and I’ll write a post/story including those words/about that subject matter. Deal?

(and someone, anyone please comment, because otherwise I’ll look like a bigger prat than I already am)


15 thoughts on “Writing Prompts?

  1. Here you go :
    A Dog who saved the master
    Dew Drops in Rain
    Education and it sucks
    Education that transformed by life
    Love inside the nest

    anymore ?
    Physical handicap
    Born green !

    Well I will wait for you to complete this or ask for more !

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  2. I’m disturbed by you using the word y’all, it makes you sound like a Texan Cowboy. Writing prompt, a dystopian story set 100 years after Donald Trump became president and had a nuclear war, leaving the world in a nuclear winter

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