I decided that I’d had enough of crappy crime novels for one summer, so I’ve thrown myself in at the deep end and am now currently reading Plato’s The Republic. I’ve been nursing a vague interest in philosophy/ethics/sociology for a while now, and apart from the ‘random article’ tool on the Plato-Stanford website (which is honestly my second favourite thing on the internet, after Lin-Manuel Miranda’s tweets), I’ve not done much ‘proper’ reading on philosophy. Until this gem turned up.

I sacrificed my lunch for perusing the Oxfam book store – I had fifteen minutes to get my train, and I physically couldn’t do both. I was steeling myself to pay for Beckett (who is now languishing on the shelf once more, alas) and for a five minute full-pelt to the train station. That was until I noticed that they’d rearranged the Greek literature and philosophy sections. I now had two minutes to get to the station. I digress.

The Republic is fascinating if you’re into the whole mind blowing philosophy thing, and even if you’re not, it’s still highly relevant today, especially with the current political turbulence. I’m not going to start on Brexit or the general UK political situation (absolute bloody cock-up may be a better description), but what Plato’s saying about philosopher-rulers and society as a whole should be read by politicians and ‘common folk’ alike. Giving Plato’s definitions of ‘justice’, ‘right’, and leadership (as well as lots of other scintillating titbits, and I’m only up to Book II!), it’s unexpectedly told in a dialogue format and I LOVE IT. After two weeks of summer, my brain has partially died after reading crime dramas for ‘a bit of relaxation’ (seriously, never again), so I’m glad that I picked up this beauty. I’m even underlining insightful passages.

It’ll take me a while to read this one, but I’m in no hurry.

Have you read The Republic, or want to recommend any other books of a similar nature?Feel free to comment!



4 thoughts on “CURRENTLY READING: The Republic

  1. I just finished this like 2 days ago and oh my gosh it was amazing! I read it mostly for the idea of the Utopian State but the whole thing was awesome. (Now my family thinks I’m even nerdier than I actually am hooray)

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    1. Ah you’re the first person I’ve found who’s read this! It’s taking me a while to get through (mainly because I spend so much time making notes) but I’m absolutely loving it.

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