The Handwriting Tag!

I was nominated by the fabulous flawed_silence for this. Apologies for my awful handwriting… I also plucked the first bloggers I thought of whilst doing my nominations, so sorry if I didn’t include you (or if you don’t want to do it… there’s always that option…).

Anyway, here are the rules:

1. Write your name

2. Write your blog name

3. Write your favourite word and its definition

4. Write something nice

5. Write the name of your favourite song right now

6. What’re you writing with

7. Write a fun fact about yourself

8. Write/draw your favourite emoticon

9. Write a silly message

10. Write who you’re tagging

(I’ve just realised that my fun fact isn’t very fun, so here’s a better one: I’m currently sat with my feet out of the window because it’s SO DAMN HOT)20160723_081341



My nominees are:

Assorted Ramblings (aka REPLY TO MY FB MESSAGE)

Scratchings on the Page

Leave Before It’s Too Late


Piece of Caustic


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