On Musicals (but mostly Hamilton)

This blog’s tagline is ‘Books! Theatre! Social Commentary! Sparkles!’, and I’ve just realised that I haven’t done a theatre-related post in yonks. Which is silly, because in the past few months I’ve been theatre trash.

But mostly Hamiltrash.

I am complete, utter, total musical trash. Rather than being born in the conventional sense, I probably emerged from a glittery trash can, labelled ‘Musicals’ and belting out One Day More from Les Mis.

Chicago was my first love, then Phantom of the Opera (after all, what girl doesn’t fancy the hell out of a disfigured, slightly mental but strangely attractive musical and architectural genius?), now it’s Hamilton.

Unless you’ve been living in a hole for the past year or so, you would know that Hamilton is a hit. A whack-you-in-the-face-with-ten-dollar-bills  hit. A hit that is totally deserved, not only because it’s a work of genius, but because Lin-Manuel Miranda (creator and everyone’s favourite cinnamon roll) is an angel. Look around, look around, at how lucky we are to BE BREATHING AT THE SAME TIME AS HIM.

I can’t explain how brilliant it is. Just go, listen, and then cry your way through Act II, which is exactly what I did. And then learn the lyrics. (but not during exam season, because that was a very, very bad idea)

ANECDOTE: At the end of a song (Cabinet Battle #1, if you’re interested) Jefferson and Madison sing ‘You don’t have the votes’. Turns out that one of my History exams was about female suffrage, and for the entirety of it I just had that phrase running through my mind. Yes, I love Daveed and Oak, but JESUS CHRIST having the same five words running through one’s mind when one should be thinking of dates and people and events is PAINFUL. Anecdote over, and relax.

I HAVE A HAMILTON GROUP CHAT. Wittingly called Lafaybaguettes, with a photo of  Groffsauce and LMM having a good ol’ snog. Adorable. My level of fangirl is higher than my TBR pile. Or Jasmine Jones’ miraculous voice in Say No to This.

I’m also nurturing an obsession with American Psycho, which I think didn’t quite get the reception it deserved in the USA. I think that it was slightly overshadowed by Hamilton (hell, my entire life is being overshadowed by it right now), even though in personal opinion American Psycho rivals it. They’re both so unexpected, music genre-wise, but whereas Hamilton is more of a blend of hip hop and rap, American Psycho has a strong eighties vibe – think New Order, who just so happen to be one of my favourite bands. It’s also given me a new life goal – being able to say ‘there is nothing remotely ironic about our obsession with Manolo Blahnik’ in a poker-straight American accent. There go my summer plans!

Apologies for such a meandering post tonight, but yeah whoo for blockages *ironic exclamation mark* !

I’m currently writing a comedy novel thing, and I’m thinking about publishing it here/Wattpad – any thoughts?




7 thoughts on “On Musicals (but mostly Hamilton)

  1. Wattpad is great (I’m on there) and you can meet a lot of amazing writer friends who will give you honest feedback. There are writing clubs for each genre which you can join. I love it yet I must admit it can be challenging to attract readers continuously but you must write cause you love it not for the audience. It’ll be great to read on wordpress. Personally I think WordPress would have a more helpful response as people are more likely to find your work and comment on it which is constructive.

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    1. Thank you so much for all your advice – I think I’ll post it up on here! It’s basically about a pensioner who’s forced into a care home by his daughter, and then begins to wreak havoc (sounds a bit weird but hopefully someone out there will like it!)

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