Dear Livi 05/08/2016

Hello my dear, general life update for you! I’m cold and have spent a disconcerting amount of time today thinking about what people call Lin-Manuel Miranda to his face. Is it Lin? Lin-Manuel? Lin? Lin! Lin!

  1. I am absolutely, overwhelmingly terrified about results day. I’m planning to go to the theatre in the afternoon to cheer myself up afterwards – that also means that I actually go outside and interact with the human race. What I’m most terrified about is the fact that everyone – meaning teachers, friends, myself – expects me to do super-humanly well, and I know that I haven’t done that. Sigh. I’ve never felt such an overpowering sense of dread before.
  2. I’m also planning to chop a load of my hair off, because why the hell not. And by short, I mean chin-length with (maybe) a little fringe. Look at my Pinterest to see what I mean. Opinions?
  3. I’m craving junk food right now.
  4. I’m desperate for tickets to see Mary Stuart or Hamlet at the Almeida for my birthday (I know that January’s a long way away, but there’s nothing like planning ahead) but now I’m worried that no-one’s going to want to come with me so warning, you’re coming whether you like it or not.
  5. Lin
  6. I’m done with him. DONE.
  7. I’ve been so productive this past week or so, and I’ve been so much happier and I feel good about myself. Self love baby, self love.

Hope you had a fabulous time watching In the Heights, and I also hope that you’re asleep now. Send my love to the family (and also congratulate mother on her press-ups video, I don’t have abs like that), and don’t forget how lucky we are to be alive right now.

I x


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