What’s In My Bag: Bibliophile Edition

Admittedly, I’m not much of a handbaggy person. I am the proud owner of, instead, a rapidly growing collection of totes. Cheaper, more spacious (on a usual day, I carry the equivalent of half a tree in paper) and with the potential for amusing images. Pandas! Flowers! Otters! Benedict Cumberbatch!

See, you probably can’t get that with a limited-edition-crocodile-skin-this’ll-need-a-mortgage Louis Vuitton purse handbag. It’s also highly unlikely that they’d be prepared to swap the gold monogramming service for an embroidery of Aidan Turner’s torso.

Anyway, if you’re curious about the wonders that I doggedly lug everywhere, have a gander.


You’d never have guessed so. A book blogger with a book! When I’m out, I usually carry play scripts or poetry rather than novels, because with novels, I tend to be sucked into a vortex without any notion of time, other people, or obstacles, and that can get very dangerous very quickly. I also cry more at novels, and I wouldn’t want to terrify the children.

Waterstones Loyalty Card. Waterstones Stamp Card. Waterstones Receipts. Waterstones bag.

The loyalty and stamp cards are both a joy and a burden. Discounts are always brilliant, but sometimes the fact that I’m SO CLOSE to a £10 gift card (three stamps away. THREE STAMPS.) means that I’m waving goodbye to my cash a little too quickly. Apparently it doesn’t matter that I’m leaping around my bedroom to avoid the books; no, what’s much more important is THAT LITTLE STAMP that I could probably forge anyway, with my A* art skills. Another dangerous feature is the ‘wishlist’ on the Waterstones website – avoid that  thing like the plague. Yes, it’s useful, but the ability to record and buy books I’m interested in is too much, both for my productivity and my purse-strings.

Notebook and Pen

I don’t go in for this whole ‘I don’t write notes down any more, I just type them in to a piece of plastic and glass’ thing, because I’m a very slow phone typer with relatively tiny hands. My phone also has a tendency to die (despite the Sherlock case, which in theory should be enough reason to live), and I do not want to be confronted by a blank screen whenever I attempt to record my ideas for the next Man Booker prizewinner. The analogue way always wins.

Unless the pen runs out. And in that case, why the hell don’t you carry spare ones?

Shakespearean Insult Plasters

Yeah, baby! Now I don’t even have to open my mouth to insult someone; I can just give them a flash of my injured limb. Not that I’ve actually used them, they’re too beautiful for that. I have ‘proper’ Elastoplast to deal with the blood and gunk – to be honest, I think that I’ll simply end up framing these plasters. They’re pretty enough, and a damn sight prettier than my ugly mug reflected in a mirror.

Apart from bits of lint in various sizes, a stretchy stress dinosaur and a travelling lemon key ring (and yes, that was a Cabin Pressure reference), that’s all I’ve got. Nothing like travelling light.

What treasures do you keep in your bag? More books? A small mammal? I’d love to know!



7 thoughts on “What’s In My Bag: Bibliophile Edition

  1. Record cards and sparkly gel pens because they’re so much more convenient for writing down book ideas. Works loyalty card and library card and a packet of painkillers in case I manage to walk into a door.

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  2. Oh my, I feel your pain re the Waterstones stamp card…I also have the problem where I pick up one book (to be good) and it’s £8.99, which therefore means that I won’t get a stamp, so I pick up another, and then I might as well get another to reach two stamps since I’m nearly there anyway…it’s all a trap, help me!

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