A Really Foolish Book Haul

I go back to school on Monday; in theory, I would have done all my summer work, memorised the course specifications and read around all the books that I’ve read for English Literature. In practice, I’m calculating the possibility of reading two books in 24 hours, as well as simultaneously re-learning the Spanish language and attempting to rectify the damage done by a diet of instant noodles and no exercise.

Anyway, I procrastinated by going to the theatre twice in 24 hours, spent the entire afternoon in an art gallery and experienced the most incredible art revelation at the hands of Duncan Grant. Art over indoctrination  education.

The Churchill Factor by Boris Johnson

I should have read this and written a review by now, instead of seeing it in Oxfam, grabbing it and saying ‘oh my God, thank you sweet Jesus’ yesterday afternoon. I could never take BoJo seriously, mainly due to the fact that he mostly looks like a toddler who’s been given full reign of Golden Time at preschool, but this book shows that he can string a decent collection of words together.

Into the Wild by Jon Krakeur

One of my few life rules is that I always read the book before I watch the film, and I’ve been dying to read/watch this. I love a good mystery (even better if it’s based on a true story), and this book, about someone who donates all his money to charity, abandons his possessions and heads off to Alaska (I’m cold enough in England, sod that) in search of a ‘raw experience’, enlightenment, naked dancing nymphs – I don’t actually know, I haven’t read it yet.

La Conspiracion by Dan Brown

It’s in Spanish. It was cheap. I feel like I should at least pretend that I understand the Spanish language. I have no idea. IT’S ALL IN SPANISH. I don’t even know what it’s about; everything is in Spanish, and contrary to some opinions, I am not a walking bloody dictionary. SPANISH.

Have you read any of these? Do you want to help me out and write a 500 word review on the Churchill book mentioned above by Monday? Drop me a line!


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