A CR Pile Bigger Than My Arm

Admittedly, this title is a little bit of an exaggeration. However, has it ever occurred to you that there’s a certain point where you’re reading too! many! books!? I know, I never thought that I would hear myself (watch myself?) say this, but I don’t quite understand how I got myself into this mess.

Somehow, I am currently reading:

The Federalist Papers by Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, James Madison

‘Pick a book on Westward Expansion’, Mr History Teacher said. ‘Pick a book that vaguely relates to Hamilton: An American Musical’, my brain said.

Phaedra’s Love by Sarah Kane

I have been waiting to read Sarah Kane’s works ever since Katie Mitchell’s production of the brutal Cleansed (which I finished this morning, and is haunting and violent but not recommended for children), and I am in love.

Medea by Euripides

Again! I love it, so why the hell not? Gives me an excuse to not read Wuthering Heights, anyway.

The Churchill Factor by Boris Johnson

History A-Level. Enough said.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream by Shakespeare

I am supposed to be assistant directing a production of this for school, a task that I’m looking forward to on one hand, but on the other, I’m dreading. I love this play, but I’m terrified of the potential ‘amateurish’ atmosphere – I swear that if I get a whiff of painted woodland scenery or fairy wings and tutus, I’m going to sabotage it. But then I’m also worried that I’ve been too affected by Peter Brook’s Dream and this will just look like a copycat version. Help me.

Wuthering bloody Heights by Emily Bronte

Will I ever finish this?

Chasing the Stars by Malorie Blackman

Don’t read this. It’s awful. I am bored to tears, and would rather rip my eyes out than carry on.

I’m also struggling my way through four different Spanish articles sobre las ventajas y desvatajas del internet, por lo tanto soy FIGURATIVELY CRYING because I don’t speak Spanish. On the upside, I’ve also sucked myself into a vortex of Morality of Art essays that are surprisingly interesting.

Does anyone have any tips on how to finish books quickly? It’s certainly a skill that I’ll need to finish Wuthering Heights – if I ever finish it at all – and the US Constitution is up next on my hit list, so it could also come in handy then. Until that point, however, I’m stuck sharing my bed with seven books, due to lack of eligible human.

What are you currently reading? If it’s as many as me, HOW ARE YOU COPING?



12 thoughts on “A CR Pile Bigger Than My Arm

  1. Lord of the Rings, The Odyssey (I was up until midnight last night trying to decide what colour Penelope would wear) The Bell Jar, Northern Lights, Irish Mythology. Yeah. And A Brief History of Time. I’m dying,

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  2. I don’t do well being partway through several books at the same time. I lose track of where I am and what’s happened and so I get frustrated/bored/tired and eventually stop reading all together. It takes the out the joy of reading for me.

    No, my problem is the stack of books waiting to be read, usually from the library. As soon as it gets to the double digits begin to realize how much I need to read before I run out of renews and start getting stressed out. Then I usually start at the easiest books (thinnest book with the largest print) and work my way up. If I come across a particularly hard one I usually read it every night before bed until I either fall asleep or almost fall asleep. (This method got me through the Twilight Saga….*shudder*…)

    As for getting through difficult books quickly? Maybe you should make a sacrifice to your chosen patron god of literature/reading and hope for a miracle? Or you could join the Evil Librarians. I’m sure they’d be able to help but the cost may be too high.

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    1. I think that sacrifice will be my best option… Maybe if I burn the Twilight Saga *mutual shudder, because that was a searingly painful read for me*, they’ll be so grateful that I’m granted the power of being able to read speedily and retain the information and still feel emotionally involved – one can only hope!

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  3. Woah :O That is indeed a HUGE currently reading pile. How are you managing this? 😀 I couldn’t read that many books at once ever. I usually stick to one book at a time. Recently I was reading 3 at once – but one of them is a collection of fairy tales and I just read a fairy tale once in a while so I feel like that doesn’t really count.

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    1. To be honest, I didn’t think that I’d be able to cope with this many books until I was forced to! I’m doing all essay subjects for my A Levels, so I should have known better… I’m just hoping that, come next week, more books AREN’T added!

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  4. I think the secret is to read whatever you’re in the mood for – then the experience stays enjoyable. I have several books on the go too! which I dip in and out of depending on how tired or motivated I feel! 🙂

    I’m currently reading: The Cloven Foot, by E.M Braddon, Hugh Latimer (1828) by Susannah Strickland, and the historical novel Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel.

    Happy reading! Descartes 🙂

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