A Bibliophile’s Wishlist 2016

Despite the perpetual cold – always greeted with a chorus of ‘not as cold as my heart, baby!’ – and the general misery that depressing weather brings, I’m incredibly motivated, and incredibly excited, for Christmas is soon! A season of goodwill and love to all!

Okay, maybe I won’t go that far, but I do bloody love Christmas.

In spite of the fact that I wrote my Christmas list back in September, I’m still lusting after several things that I know that I won’t get, because they either are too expensive, too unrealistic or plain weird. Friends. A social life. Emotions. I mean, if you’re happy to donate any of those three to a worthy cause, I’m not stopping you – but if you’re panicking over what to buy for a perpetually moody sixteen year-old who communicates through grunts and book genres, read on.


Although it did come to my attention that I had substantially more money than I thought (£100 instead of £10!), Christmas is coming up and I’m a generous soul. I have expenses coming up, people! I need to go to London three times in the next two months (AND DO YOU KNOW HOW BLOODY EXPENSIVE TRAIN TICKETS ARE) to watch In the Heights and five hours of Greek theatre; think of this as an investment in my cultural development.

Poetry and Wine

Over these past couple of weeks, I’ve legitimately been thinking ‘DO YOU KNOW WHAT I NEED RIGHT NOW? Someone to read me poetry and make me coffee. Or something stronger’. It sounds so therapeutic, plus I need more human interaction to help me with my people skills. Win-win.

Subscription to the London Review of Books

I need this. Aesthetically pleasing, intellectually stimulating and beautifully, majestically inexpensive. I don’t read enough literary essays, apart from those on Othello and Wuthering Heights that are forced upon me for the sake of an A-Level grade.

A job at a local bookstore for about four hours a week, for more than £4 an hour and with at least 35% staff discount. Preferably 50%.

It’s always about the specifics. I need a job, (but not a job with too many hours, because, y’know, GRADES and I’m determined to make it to Cambridge), but I also need books, so what better place to work than a book store? Staff discounts, conversation with like-minded literary people and human interaction. Everything that I need to transform me into a well-rounded human being.

That Penguin Books bag. The one that I mentioned last year.

It’s been a year since I spotted this in Waterstones, and I’ve finally worked out how I’m going to buy it. The Waterstones stamp card is almost full, and so that £10 in points will shortly be winging its glorious way towards me, and that us how I will be getting my hands on yet another bookish tote bag that I really, really do not need. Lit-chic is my aesthetic.

If you fancy buying me presents, I won’t be complaining. And if not, please provide me with reassurance that I’m not the only person here who has a ‘normal’ list, and a literary one. Merry Christmas all!


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