Dream Loot Crate: Vaguely Literary

I love receiving parcels in the post. You know in Mr Bean’s Christmas when he sends Christmas cards to himself? It has the same effect as that. No-one else buys things for me, so when I hear parcels being dumped at the top of our drive and legging it there before it rains  the postman knocking at the door I like to pretend that I have friends.

Loot Crate is a company that send out mystery boxes (I know! You don’t know what’s in there! More imaginary friends!) with a different mystery theme each month, plus speciality crates (which you can check out here. It’s like Birchbox (beauty products) but for nerds. They asked me to create my own dream crate, and as I’m a book blogger, I had to stick with my favourite friends  pastime

Benedict Cumberbatch  Sherlock with Violin Pop! Vinyl Figure

It would have been rather nice to have Mr Cumberbatch himself to entertain me with the Smaug voice (or read Fifty Shades out loud), but you can’t have everything. I already have the Sherlock with Deerstalker figure (thanks Will, you total babe), and it would be nice to imagine Sherlock playing his violin for me.

Socks with Dobby on them

‘Master has given Dobby a sock!’. Well, happy birthday Dobby. You’ve got yourself on a pair of socks. Go party.

Hobbit Feet slippers

Yes, I’m running with the footwear theme here. Absolutely hilarious, and practical. Just like me. Honestly, who doesn’t want to imagine on a nightly basis that they’re Bilbo Baggins?

Chocolate Frogs

Can you imagine the chaos that would ensue if I let out an actual frog in my sixth form common room? Yes, I’ve realised that these chocolate frogs don’t actually jump, but I don’t actually have any Harry Potter merchandise (apart from a Hufflepuff mug), so any little helps, as they say. Plus, I like chocolate.

Sir Ian McKellen underwear with ‘You Shall Not Pass’ emblazoned on it

Admittedly, unrealistic. Highly entertaining, but the kind of thing that only Hawkins Bazaar (or a nerdy version of Ann Summers) might sell. Realistically, I might have to settle for a LOTR T-shirt.

Well, this didn’t really turn out like a literary-based Loot Crate. This is just ‘weird shit Izzy likes’.

Seriously, if you know where I can get the McKellen underwear, hit me up.

This post was not paid for, but the Loot Crate people hit me up with a request to design my own box (why don’t you do it too), and their wish is my command. Not really, but it’s a nice saying. If I’ve persuaded you to purchase a crate (no McKellen underwear, alas), then their link is right here. Loot Crate’s a company that sends out monthly, mystery themed subscription boxes, perfect for your inner – or outer – nerd.  Adios, folks.


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