where have I been?

Yikes! It’s been a while, and although I’ve been lurking in the WordPress shadows, I’ve not had the opportunity to actually write. Or read, in fact, as the romantic stereotype of spending Easter term reading Shakespeare in the lengthy evenings has proved absolutely incorrect. It is true that I have been reading a lot of Shakespeare, but the ratio of  hours spent lounging-on-the-grass to frantically-typing-in-the-suggestively-phallic-University-Library as been vastly disproportionate. Not in the way I had hoped for, either.

But finally, finally, I have had my final supervision of the term, meaning that my first year has finished. Yikes. Big yikes! Although May Week is going to be fun (I’m not going to think about the price of May Ball tickets), I almost wish that I could start again. The long vacation is going to be a drag, and the fact that I’m now a third of the way through my undergraduate degree is terrifying. But: Shakespeare term is over! I have books to read and a play to assistant direct and things to write!

Cambridge has been more than I could ever have hoped for. I worried, initially, about the academic pressure and my inferiority complex and making friends but this university is magical. I mean, sure, the work is a lot and I have now consumed more potatoes in these past three terms than I have ever before, but I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

So now I’m back to blogging once a week (or more), now that term is out of the way and I have time to both write and binge Parks and Rec. Book reviews and lists and rambling opinion pieces because I enjoy the sound of my own voice! all of this literary content to look forward to! fantastic!

please fill me in about your lives, and if you’ve just finished your academic year, congrats!

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