The description for this blog is ‘I have more books than friends’, and is probably the most accurate thought I’ve had about myself. I need two hands to count my friends, but would need my hands, feet and those of my dismembered enemies (do I sound like Patrick Bateman to you?) to count the number of books I own.

In the real world, my name is Izzy. I’m seventeen. Other than revelling in my self-loathing, my main ‘thing’ is going to the theatre. I don’t write about theatre that much because it makes me all gushy-gushy, which is not in-keeping with my natural brand of cynicism. I’m beginning to read more poetry, and am currently harbouring a fascination with transcendentalism.

I also parody blog over at It’s a Genuine Opinion, which is just like this one, but with a more intense anger and not as many books. And Iago! My main G!


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