About Me

  • I’m Izzy, 19, and the prat in the widget to your right
  • favourite poets (male): Edward Thomas and Philip Larkin
  • favourite poets (female): Sylvia Plath and Charlotte Smith
  • favourite playwright (male, and alive): Duncan Macmillan
  • another favourite playwright (male, dead, and not Willy Shakes): Chekhov
  • favourite playwright (female): Sarah Kane (although also debbie tucker green and Ella Hickson)
  • favourite novelists (male): D.H. Lawrence, Haruki Murakami, John Fowles
  • favourite novelists (female): Zadie Smith, Amy Tan, Angela Carter
  • favourite non-fiction writer (male): George Orwell
    • again, also Edward Thomas
    • and Robert Macfarlane has a place in my heart
  • favourite non-fiction writer (female): Mary Beard
    • and Jenny Diski’s travel writing
  • if I’m not reading or writing, I’m gardening or staring blankly into space
  • one cat, some fish, and two goslings on the way
  • on the way as soon as I leave uni. If I ever do.
  • favourite birds: dunnocks and swallows
  • almond chai tea
  • also gin, but will fall over after two g&ts
  • politically homeless
  • studying English (what else??) at Cambridge
    • for ‘studying’, read ‘bears brunt of how-many-lectures-have-you-actually-gone-to’ jokes

If you’d like to read some of my creative writing, check out my work at Visual Verse here.

I also parody blog over at It’s a Genuine Opinion, which is just like this one, but with a more intense anger and not as many books. And Iago! My main G!



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