The description for this blog is ‘I have more books than friends’, and is probably the most accurate thought I’ve had about myself. I need two hands to count my friends, but would need my hands, feet and those of my dismembered enemies (do I sound like Patrick Bateman to you?) to count the number of books I own.

In the real world, my name is Izzy. I’m eighteen. Other than revelling in my self-loathing, I enjoy going to the theatre, drinking coffee (and occasionally gin), and speculating about Brexit. I also like yoga, making witty comments about British politicians, and baking bread. I garden, embroider profanities onto my clothing, and am beginning to get into bird-watching.

Bundle of fun, I am.

If you’d like to read some of my creative writing, check out my work at Visual Verse here.

I also parody blog over at It’s a Genuine Opinion, which is just like this one, but with a more intense anger and not as many books. And Iago! My main G!

(I’m currently in the run-up to my A-level exams, which will determine my future and my place at my favourite university ever, hence why content may be kind of shit and infrequent. See you on the other side.)


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