About Me

  • I’m Izzy, 20, and was about to quote a vine here
  • studying English at uni
    • read: I pay a lot of money to read books and have my essays criticised by world-leading academics and my lifestyle choices criticised by, well, everyone else
  • south-west England and Cambridge
  • I like plants and gardening and walking and nature
  • favourite poets: Edward Thomas, W.H. Auden, Mary Oliver
  • favourite non-fiction writers: Robert Macfarlane, Jenny Diski
  • favourite novelists: do not ask me this question
  • favourite playwrights: Willy Shakes, Duncan Macmillan
  • favourite other writers: also do not ask me this question

If you’d like to read some of my creative writing, check out my work at Visual Verse here.

I also parody blog over at It’s a Genuine Opinion, which is just like this one, but with a more intense anger and not as many books. And Iago! My main G!

I ALSO enjoy spreading my talents thinly, look at my tentative pretentious agonising nature writing: fieldsandfeelings.travel.blog




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